Cooking basics

In my quest to learn authentic Italian cooking, I am doing quite a bit of research, mostly online at this point, but soon I hope to visit a restaurant or two and make it into the kitchen! Not sure if that is a pipe dream or not, but hey, one can dream. Today I found this fun site, which I put on the blogroll to the left. This is just one page, Cooking basics , from Easy Italian Cooking. This site has all kinds of information on recipes, shopping, time savers, gadgets and can sign up for a free newsletter.

Be sure to read about the history of Italian cooking. My ancestors are from the Molise region in the Southern part of Italy. The bigger town of Campobasso is closest to the villiage of my grandparents, Complieto. The food varies by regions in Italy, much the same as the United States. I hope you are enjoying this blog and it will inspire you to begin or continue to cook great Italian food.