How to eat spaghetti!

I have always known I do not eat spaghetti in the proper manner. My grandmother pointed that out to me when I was younger. I have always….ready for it?….cut my spaghetti! Yes you heard me right, cut it! Such a sacrilege. Much to my embarrassment, I have no idea why or when I started doing that. I did it as a child but why did my father never correct me?  Like the following link says, spaghetti is made in 10 inch lengths for proper eating. So take a look here for the proper way to eat spaghetti noodles.

After reading that article and watching the short video on twirling the noodles, I realized I am going to have to start practicing, especially if I ever intend on visiting the village of my ancestors in Italy! I would not want to offend or look like a mannerless American.

Last night we, Phil and I, had a discussion with a friend about Italy. This friend’s wife is Italian and a true Italian mama in every sense of the word. She loves to care for her family in many ways, Anyway, he was telling us about how when they went to Italy and visited her “people” she was home and it was near to impossible to get her to leave. He told Phil when he takes me there that he would have the same trouble. I would feel at home and not want to leave. Nevermind I don’t speak Italian, but I am going to learn, there is no need among family. The connection is there, regardless of the generations that have passed.

When I visited that small Italian food store, Molisana’s and knew that the owners were from the region of my ancestors, the connection was immediate. They were no longer strangers in a store, but almost like family.  I hold dearly to family and traditions. There is much that I wish to do and be for my own family so I am learning how that works. This blog is meant to be for my children and grandchildren as well as friends who wish to learn how to cook good food. I know I am repeating myself and I know I am not the best writer, but that is ok. This is about my heart and passion for my heritage and food/cooking is a big part of that.

My 13 year old son, Caleb, already knows that. Upon leaving Molisana’s last week, he stated that we had a nice time in the store. And it was different from a typical grocery store. I agreed and said eating Italian food with Italians is like that-different from the American standard. His next comment just about floored me. He said “Yeah, it’s like if you go to an Italian restaurant here, people eat and leave, but in a real Italian home you better know that the meal is going to last a lot longer and you better be ready to sit around the table and visit for a few hours.”. That is so very true.

If you are a regular reader at this point, or if you just dropped by out of curiousity, I would love to know about it. Please leave a comment. It only takes a few minutes and it means a whole lot to me. Thanks and buongiorno!

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  1. Hello fellow Italian American :) I really understand your desire to “become more Italian”. I was born in Italy and lived there until I turned 7, my Mother was Italian. I unfortunately lost my Italian after a couple years here in the US for different reasons. Although I did learn a lot from my Mother in regards to cooking italiano, I wish every day she was still around to teach me more! I wasn’t that interested in re-learning Italian in my younger days, boy do I regret that, what a better teacher than your own Mother. Anyway, if you haven’t already, there are 2 sites that are very good for learning and better yet, no cost and at your own pace. and I tend to use the busuu mostly, but they are both good. Ciao!

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