Patience has it’s own reward

I have been drooling over the pasta machines on Amazon and Chef’s catalog for several weeks now, but knew it was way out of my affordability at this time. So I have been on the look-out as I go out shopping at thrift stores to stock my kitchen with various tools and items to enhance my cooking skills. Today I hit the jackpot!

I found a new, never used pasta machine! It’s a manual and it’s not the best brand, but I only paid 5. 50 for it!!!! How could I pass this up? I did not! I am now the proud owner of a pasta machine. Last week I found the Italian cookbook at a local consignment shop and have already made several recipes from the book. My son is going to make me a pasta drying rack like this one for Christmas.

Of course that means on Christmas day I will be making my own pasta and using the new rack. I am so excited!!!

Editing to add this video tutorial link on how to use the pasta machine.

3 thoughts on “Patience has it’s own reward

  1. I love finding bargains in thrift stores. I am collecting Corning Ware and Pyrex. Whatever catches my eye.

    I like recycling dishes!!! LOL

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