Tonight’s dinner-polenta!

I am going to tackle this traditional dish tonight. Right now I have a roast beef in my slow cooker, a recipe I found on a friend’s blog. Take a look for yourself at What a Crock. So what does one make with an Italian seasoned roast beef? Polenta, of course! Not the cheesy grits the writer that my friend got the recipe from recommends. For shame! Pasta would even be good, a risotto as well. But I need to tackle this polenta thing. So I will let you know later how this turns out.

Scratch the polenta! Oops. Poor planning on my part, forgot about a meeting that happened at 6PM. Therefore no polenta. But I did make the roast beef and it turned out delcious.

One thought on “Tonight’s dinner-polenta!

  1. Polenta is actually super easy and super fast to make! We used to have it as a side on one of our menu items at a restaurant I was the Sous Chef at – we made it to order, every time, right before the dish went out. The key was a hot skillet, hot broth, and constant stirring. When you finally make it, you will wish you had made it with the roast beef!

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