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I gave my first cooking lesson yesterday to a friend. Up until this point, I have only ever taught my family how to cook so this was exciting and scary at the same time. Could I do it? Would she learn and would the food be good?

I am happy to say that everything went fine. My friend S. asked me to teach her how to make rosemary-parmesan focaccia bread. I made the mini-caprese sandwiches for the party at her house in December and she loved them and the bread. It was then she asked me for a lesson in making focaccia bread. The funny thing is that I just learned how to make that bread myself not that long ago. And I learned from the internet videos and the recipe I used. I really recommend having a person teach you bread and pasta making but you do what you gotta do. Or it is what it is, right?

I took my camera along so I could capture some pictures of S. working on her bread and I am glad I did. She was a great student and her bread came out looking terrific. I am guessing it tasted as good but I will let her leave a comment and tell you herself. 

For obvious reasons, we could not take photos while I was teaching S. how to mix and knead the dough. I really didn’t need dough bits on my camera that wants to die as it is. So here are the loaves after the rising time.

Here is S. punching down her dough, which she was very excited to do. I think she said something like “This is the part I’ve been waiting for all day”! hehe…

After the punch!

Working the dough into the pan and the finished product, all ready for the oven.

And now her finished loaf of bread, which I think is as pretty as she is!

Ok I guess I need to put up my own pictures since I showed her face. Fair is fair.

Both of the finished loaves.

It was so much fun to teach someone else, outside of family, and have a whole lotta girl chat time. I totally enjoyed myself and I am pretty sure S. did too. Now I wonder how much of her bread was eaten last night?

One more thing, she makes a great BLT!!!

8 thoughts on “Cooking lesson

  1. The bread was great! I think next time I will do it in a round shape like you do Michelle, if we are going to just eat and dip. The rectangle shape is too thin just for eating and dipping in olive oil.

    I learned how to knead the right way. I also learned that Michelle has a lot of knowledge about Italian dishes she makes day to day.

    Cooking together brought an element of the “ancient days” women cooking all day together. Conversation just flows. One topic leads to another. There is a warm atmosphere (not just from the oven set on 400 degrees!)

    Can’t wait for Lesson #2 from Michelle!!

  2. I wish we lived closer. I would visit and help you in the kitchen. I can smell the aromas of the foccacia bread and rosemary is one of my favorite herbs.

  3. nice cooking lesson ! I am always fond to find new stuff about italian food thanks for the sharing !!
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    cheers from Paris Pierre

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