Saturday is the traditional sauce making day


This is my grandma, my aunt, cousin and uncle making sauce and ravioli. Must be sometime in the 1960’s.

At least it was in my family. And in reading other Italian cooking blogs and following some fellow bloggers on twitter and Facebook, I have learned many other families do the same thing. I loved the smell of my dad’s sauce cooking on a Saturday. Sometimes he would make us bacon and eggs for breakfast on a sauce making day. I think it was so he had fresh bacon grease in which to brown the meatballs and any other meat he added to the sauce. Isn’t it funny how a smell can invoke a memory, good or bad, so fast in our minds? So I am going to be busy today with making sauce. I will be using it for my homemade lasagna I am making for dinner on Monday.

 This is my father in 1998 when he visited Italy.

I really want to go back to the Sunday family dinner tradition but times have changed, at least here in the USA, and families are busy on Sundays. My family is busy with church and youth group. We have only a few hours at home to rest in between the morning service and the time we return to take the boys to youth group. And in the coming weeks, the hubby and I will be involved in an Alpha course at our church. So I decided that Monday might work for a family diner night this week. My daughter and grandson will be coming over for dinner. Lasagna is one of her favorites so I know we will have a good meal.

What kind of food traditions does your family partake in? I mean, separately from holidays. Leave your stories in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Saturday is the traditional sauce making day

  1. Love family dinner nights. Wish I was closer to home so that I can go my mom and dads for some good ol’ home cooking. Have fun on Monday and happy SITS Satruday Sharefest.

  2. Hi Michelle, My family makes HUGE POTS of bolognese sauce and then we freeze it…..this way I can just grab some in the morning to thaw out and be ready for a wonderful pasta dinner after a long day’s work! Could you tell me how to get involved with the Presto Pasta Nights that you will be hosting? Thanks! Ciao, Roz

  3. I have an italian friend whose wife gave each of her 3 sons a rock when they got engaged. She told them they could not move any further away than they could throw the rock, so they could be home for Sunday Dinner.

    It worked, the furthest away is less than half a mile.

  4. I remember at the age of 5 years old, every Saturday night all of us grand kids, going to grandma’s to make ravioli and home made pasta, “kneed the dough”, and she would be making her wonderful sauce, everyone would be at Sunday dinner at our grand parents, all of our uncles and aunts and grand kids, it was wonderful.
    I wish that most families today would keep up the old traditions.
    As for me and our house, my children and grand children , still do, and along with the sauce, my daughter’s favorite, is making the Pizelles , and conolii. I am very glad you have come on here, I am a fan of yours, and I too have some stories to tell, and share in some recipes.
    Thanks for bringing some old memories back, and joy to hear SOME still keep up the traditions.
    Mama, LaRussa

  5. Christine,
    I am glad to hear that you are doing the traditions too. It’s hard when families are so spread out these days. We just have to do the best we can. Thanks for becoming a fan and follow my blog. Please feel free to email me any stories or recipes that I could repost here. I welcome reader interaction.

  6. Im super bummed that we cant come tonight for dinner, perhaps monday nights we can join you for the weekly Italian dinners esp since baby boy loves him some spaghetti! :)

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