Making bread at church…

Today was a great day. We had a family activity night at church. We observe Lent being Anglicans and so we have mid-week services as well as Sunday services thereby creating a need for extra bread. Tonight we did a bread baking activity to provide the extras. Anyone who came tonight was able to participate in baking bread for the Eucharist during Lent. Due to time constraints of the evening, we made unleavened bread. I did not think to bring a camera but someone else did and maybe I can get ahold of the picture taken of me helping a teen girl learn how to knead dough. It was so much fun to teach someone else a skill I learned. I have to say I taught myself but wished I had someone who could teach me. I guess I could have asked around but I am impulsive at times and just do what I want to do and right then.

 Bread baking is new to me. I still have only made focaccia bread but I am determined to make a loaf a regular crusty Italian bread soon. I noticed that the table next to me was having a bit of trouble so I offered to help. I stepped over and took over for a bit until the dough was the right consistency to begin the kneading process. Then I handed it back over to the table participants.  But before I did, my good friend and fellow Italian C. came over and said “Go you Italian mama!”. Too funny. I am happy to say all the flat bread came out pretty good and we partook of communion as a small group tonight. I love Lent.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful night! Silly as it sounds, I never thought about all that bread having to be made – maybe I can help with this at our church, thanks for sharing the idea!!!

    …stopping in from SITS!

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