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Well I just hit 100 fans on my Facebook page for Italian Mama Chef. I am super psyched about that! So much so that I am giving away a cookbook to one of those first 100 fans. Be sure to add IMC to your list of friends on FB for all the latest updates to the blog.

Second item of news: I am hosting Presto Pasta Nights this Friday. So get out your favorite recipe that includes any kind of pasta in the dish and send me an email at micie66 at yahoo dot com by Friday at noon and I will include you in the party! And a special thank you to Ruth at Once Upon a Feast for starting this wonderful gastronomic feast of recipes.  So get in on the fun and make sure you take a picture of your fantastic dish. Email me with any questions  you can’t find the answer to at PPN or Once Upon a Feast.

4 thoughts on “News and tidbits

  1. Hi Michelle,

    Congrats on 100 FB friends! You have a nice site and I’m enjoying looking around.

    I plan to enter a recipe in the Presto Pasta Night, so I’ll be in touch soon…

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