Three month anniversary

First I want to thank all my faithful readers and commenters, you are what keeps me going. Without your support who am I writing for? It’s just a diary when no one is listening. I am in the process of learning more about blogging and how to do it well. I love the focus of my blog, Italian cooking, but I do want to expand it a little bit. But I need your help.

I need your feedback and ideas about what you would like to read or see here at Italian Mama Chef. I don’t want to be just another recipe blog. I want it to be about me and you and what we want together. So there are a few things you can do

  • Leave me a comment and let me know what you like or don’t like about my blog. I want the good and the bad. Be honest, how can I change something if I don’t know what is wrong? I am a big girl and I put on my big girl panties today so fire away.
  • Subscribe to my feed so you know when I post new content.
  • Spread the word about IMC and why you like it here. 
  • Become a Facebook fan if you haven’t already. 

A fellow blogger suggested I write more “I remember when” stories so those will be forthcoming. I have a great memory and can’t wait to share. I also love to share my photos. Does that help when reading a story from the past?

And last but not least, I am going to continue to expand my cooking skills and begin tackling the foods that elude me and my skills. Desserts are not my forte’ but I know I can improve those skills. Easter is coming and I am busy researching traditional Italian foods for this special time of year. Much of my celebration is centered around my faith as is most Italians so there is sure to be some very rich traditions that will be fun to share.

Thanks again for sticking by me and supporting me and my efforts here.

11 thoughts on “Three month anniversary

  1. Good luck with everything you’re doing. Such great, authentic writing always pays off in the end.

    I don’t know anything about cooking (even though my mom was a caterer) so maybe I’ll pick up a thing or two… lol


  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSsss! I would love pics! They are so much fun to watch! I love stories too. Other than affirming those ideas, I am not creative today, sorry. I would like some anti-pasta recipes, since I am not too big on pasta…. guess growing up with rice and eating pasta once a month has conditioned me that way :) Keep going, Michelle, you are doing a good job!!

  3. You mentioned your Grandmother’s apron – what do you remember about the apron and you grandma.

  4. What I’ve found is that if you write from your heart, people will love it.

    I’m just stopping in from SITS to say hello & welcome!

  5. Congrats! This is quite an achievement.

    I would say more of your pretty pics would make me happy. And I love the stories behind the food. Great blog all in all though!

  6. Yes! I found an in on your blog. I can actually make a decent dessert ~ tiramisu! And I CANNOT COOK. Today I burnt cinnamon buns from IKEA that only needed reheating.

    Tiramisu is basically: mascarponi cheese, 1 egg yellow & sugar and lady finger fingers dipped in coffee, layered and chocolate bar shredded between layers. How’s that for writing?! So specific. Don’t ask for amounts. I only work by eye. Just put a lot of all of it. Hope you feel better soon. :)

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