We are Paying it Forward today with CCWA


Today I want to introduce you to one of my blogging friends, Julie.

Her blog is jbulie’s blog ~ an online journal . She writes from the perspective as an expat living in Italy. She is a teacher, a wife and mother and an author. She learned blogging and wrote a great ebook that is available on her blog all about how to start a blog. She is funny and very generous. She gave me a free copy of Zero to Blog so I could benefit from it and I promised a review.


Zero to Blog is full of the kind of info for those who aren’t sure where to begin in the blogging world. She shares information on the best blog platform, WordPress, but doesn’t discourage you from using other platforms. As you can see, this blog is on WordPress and I like what it offers me in the way of help. When I am ready to upgrade my blog, WordPress has some great benefits that you won’t find elsewhere. Julie also talks about how to get the word out about your new blog. Zero to Blog is such an easy read. I learned some tips and tricks I hope to utilize very soon. So please drop by Julie’s blog and say hi. Read about her adventures of living in Italy and learn how she used her blogging skills to help another friend launch her new blog. Tana’s blog, From Kenya With Love, got over 800 viewers in it’s first few days! That is great.

Oh and let me know via a comment here if you decided to visit Julie today. I am excited to spread the word about my new friend.

9 thoughts on “We are Paying it Forward today with CCWA

  1. Oh yes, I did! Thank you so so much. I visited her site right away and I have to say I completely agree.

    Her book Zero to Blog gets you started blogging immediately.

    She’s extremely generous with her help and doesn’t take herself too seriously. ;)

    Thank you so so much. Can’t wait to link this to my blog and my facebook page.

    Anyone who leaves a message below GETS A FREE EBOOK! That’s right. Visit http://julieangelos.com and click on the book for details.

  2. I will check out her blog as soon as I leave this comment. The Pay it Forward idea sound great and I will be checking that out too. :)

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! :)

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