My grandmother’s apron

One thing I remember most about my grandmother besides the wonderful food she made was the fact that she always wore an apron. I can hardly remember a time when she wasn’t wearing one. For a long time I didn’t have many pictures of my grandmother so most of my knowledge is from my own memories. Then my cousin did an extensive genealogy of our Italian family and included numerous pictures from my uncles and cousins. This provided me with wonderful photos like this one:

My grandmother is on the left, beside her are my two uncles.

This is one of my grandmother taken in Italy, it might be her passport photo.

To me she will always look more like this in my memory:

That’s me in the pink outfit. This was at my cousin’s wedding sometime around 1976. My grandparents both passed away in 1979 and 1980.

But what I want to really show you are the pictures of her in her apron because, well, that is what this is about. Aprons serve many needs for a woman in her daily duties. It is used for keeping your nice clothes nice, but it can be used to wipe your hands on, wipe a runny nose, as a potholder and a dusting cloth. Believe me, I use my a lot. I have two of grandma’s aprons.  They are too small for me and one needs repaired but I do have them. Here is grandma wearing one of the aprons I have of hers. This photo was found in a box of photos my sister gave me that used to belong to my dad.

This was taken around 1970 as she is holding my baby brother. She was visiting our house and brought her apron! When my own grandchildren were here in January, I let them help me in the kitchen to bake a cake. I got out my grandmother’s apron and put it on my granddaughter. I think my grandma would have been proud.

Here are just a couple more photos of my grandma wearing her aprons. I wish I could have  more time with her and realized that the time I did have was precious.

I loved my grandma very much and I miss her.

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  1. I always thought we were Irish/ Italian after growing up near North Beach, SF. I’m looking forward to spending more time reading your great blog.

  2. Oh my God what an awesome post. I too remember my Nonna always wearing her apron. My Mom has hers but she did trace a pattern (because my grandmother always wore the same style) and made some new ones- those I got! I also have many picture of my Grandmother wearing her apron- I think it went on first thing in the morning when she got dressed and every day was a new freshly ironed one! If last minute company was coming she would run and change her apron! Funny the things we remember and hold close to our hearts!
    Thanks for bringing me back to my past memories- love your blog!

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  4. Thanks for sharing, Michelle. Your article brought back memories of my own grandma’s, yes they too always wore aprons. And yes, I miss them very much, and wish my children and grandchildren could have known them and for the older ones known them longer.

  5. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s nice taking a trip down memory lane and you can tell how much you love your grandmother just by reading this. ;-)

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  7. What a grta blog! Popping by from the Sits Tea Party ( a tish late!) I am also a fellow CCWA SO HELLO!! I am so excited to learn more ITALIAN! yummy!!

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  9. Hi Michelle,
    The apron was truly indispensible. Aprons were really lovely with ruffles, lace, and colorful patterns. I always felt we were going to cook or bake something really special when my Mom Rose tied an adoreable “kid-size” homemade-apron to my waist…and neck…

    Time flew…I remember wearing aprons that said things like”Chef in the House’ when our Italian Club made delicious pizzas at the church Fiesta !

    Your site will help bring back the apron—so more T.V.
    Chefs will proudly wear the apron, a sign of loving care
    and gourmet delights !!!

    Thank you.
    God Bless,
    Eleanor Rose

    • Eleanor,
      Thanks for such lovely words. I appreciate the sentiments. I do hope aprons make a strong comeback. Today I helped in a nursery room and an infant spit up on me. I thought if I had been wearing a big apron, I would have stayed clean. They really served a purpose in daily life.


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  11. I love this Michelle! the pictures are beautiful! going down memory lane. I am glad you have good mem. of grandma. I miss her too! mom

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