Out of the mouths of babes

Ok, so he is not a baby but my 13-year-old son said something quite monumental tonight. He said, and I quote ” Mom, I think you have mastered pasta, it’s time to move on to soups and stews”! He further said “we have pasta every other night”. I got very quite trying hard to think of some kind of soup he would eat. He said my silence was “creeping him out”. hahahahaha….good!

 He also said it was time to bring out my “inner-German through marriage” and make some  potato soup and broccoli soup.  See I married a man who is of German/English/Welsh heritage. He loves Italian food. Most of my children do. This one son though has issues with most of the foods I cook. He doesn’t like tomatoes or tomato sauce. He doesn’t onions, celery or carrots cooked in soups.  He won’t eat much pasta unless it has cheese or cheez sauce. It’s a sore spot to my psyche. But I figure that God gave me this boy, picky taste buds and all, so I have always been up to the challenge of cooking for this boy and his tastes. I guess I can cook other foods that he likes. Isn’t making my family happy important? Yes, I think it is. So please know that this Italian mama chef will continue to make pasta and sauce but I will also add into my meal plan more meals of my son’s liking. Maybe I can figure out how to make Salisbury steak be an Italian meal? Or how about Italian potato soup? I am sure it can be done! Stay tuned for more in the saga of how I move on “to soups and stews”.

14 thoughts on “Out of the mouths of babes

  1. One of my favourite quick suppers is cima di rape (substitute broccoli if you can’t get it), cubed pancetta and cannellini bean soup/stew. It’s a really hearty one, and takes no time at all.

    Soften the rape/broccoli stalks slowly in some olive oil. After a few minutes, add a splash of white wine (or water, if you prefer), and leave for another couple of minutes, until the pan is dry again.

    Add the pancetta and keep cooking slowly until the fat has rendered down and the meat is browned.

    Chuck in a tin of cannellini beans, along with their juice, and add another half a tin measure of water. Stir it all together, turn down the heat and leave to simmer until the beans are beginning to break down.

    Serve with sour cream stirred through it.

  2. my sons would prefer pasta than stews but anyway that’s a heck of a challenge for you !! good luck !! cheers Pierre in Paris

  3. He doesn’t even like tomatoes?? Lol, you’re much nicer than me – I’d tell him to make his own darn dinner if he’s going to be that picky!

    Have you checked recipezaar.com for ideas? I’m always surprised at how many people have never heard of this site. If it didn’t exist, we would probably just alternate dinners between Mac & Cheese and Ramen Noodles!


  4. What about a good hearty potato gnocchi with a creamy cheese sauce? That would satisfy the German potato urge as well at the Italian dish urge! My husband’s grandfather was from Italy and my family is German to the core. I always joke that we bleed potatoes. However, one of my favorite foods is gnocchi.

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