Soups and stews and pasta, oh my!

I thought I would update on my last post. I told my son I would make a beef stew this week and some soup. Well yesterday was mine and my husband’s day together and we lost track of time so I resorted to buying some canned soup for dinner as well as having sandwiches. Apparently they were not impressed with the soup I bought. Much of it was wasted which I hate doing. Tonight I will redeem myself with a beef stew and homemade biscuits. My stew, to me, is nothing special but if someone wants the recipe I use I will gladly post it.

But you all know my heart is with pasta and Italian foods. I’m Italian, I can’t help it! It’s in my DNA to love the foods I do. I guess my youngest son doesn’t have enough Italian DNA to love those foods yet but one day he will. Fingers are crossed. The other day I was on Facebook, my other addiction, and found in my newsfeed a new recipe from Cook Italy. Oh I can’t wait to try this. Check out this dish! La Sfolia Lorda! I could just devour those little pillows of ricotta-filled pasta. I think my son will like these. They are on the menu for this weekend. I think I better make some rosemary focaccia in order for him to really like the meal. No problem.

I am going to try to take tutorial worthy pictures when I make the dish. But that only works if I have a willing helper to click away.  Next week my grandchildren will be here for a few nights so my blogging is going to be limited come Sunday. But I promise to catch up and add some pictures of their visit. We will have to do some cooking, at least as much as I can with a 2 and 3 year-old! A zoo trip is planned. I can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “Soups and stews and pasta, oh my!

  1. Beef stew sounds SOOOO good! I haven’t made that in ages!! I’m sure your family will be thrilled to have that for dinner soon!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Hope you’ll be back again soon!

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