My other talent-no longer hidden

My friend Julie asked me to post some pictures of my other talent-sewing. I make purses, totes and other items. I’ve been doing that for almost 2 years. I am mostly self-taught at sewing like my cooking. About 2 years ago I was shopping for a new purse and just could not find what I needed and wanted in a purse. So I figured I could make something. I dug out my dad’s old sewing machine and bought some cheap fabric at Goodwill and made a little totebag type purse using a free online pattern. From there I began sewing for friends and online customers. I actually sold that first bag to a great lady at my church and made myself another one. Here are some samples of my purses that I have made and sold.

This is my latest purse. I use this one daily and is made from a nice satin and lined with fabric from my wedding dress!

Here is an apron I made for myself and one for a customer. Mine is the one with the piggies on it.

I also making baby items like toys, blankets and burp cloths. And journal covers and coasters and lots of little things. Here are some of those things.

A whole giftset that went to a young pregnant girl I know for her soon to be born daughter.

I have even taken a dress that was about 40 years old and made it into a purse for my aunt.

I hope you have enjoyed my other talent and didn’t mind the diversion from cooking for a day. I am open for business!

20 thoughts on “My other talent-no longer hidden

  1. I love that white purse. What kind of closure is on it? A snap?

    I am in the process of making purses, too. It is fun, isn’ it? You and I have so much in common. I hope we get to meet sometime!

  2. It has a magnetic snap. And I know we are going to meet this year! I have plenty of reasons, soon to be at least 4, to go visit my daughter! I will have to plan a day to come a little further and meet you.

  3. Ohm that will be lovely! I have wanted to come your direction, but with one vehicle and a packed schedule, it is hard to have the time. Let me know as early as you can and I’ll mark my calendar! :o)

  4. Well done Michelle! That’s my girl. Those look great. I love the fact that you make a decision to do something and just follow through, whether it’s a purse, a blog or a dinner. Those are all fun and sweet items.

    Great redesign on the site too. I like it. I think you did a great job on the little baby pull thingy, looks fun and safe. You have quite a talent. I also can’t believe you changed a dress into a purse. Hey, why not? It’s called repurposing, right? Well done, my friend, good job.


    • Believe me it was hard but I did it. That dress had panels and I had to get enough material from the panels to make the body pieces of the purse. I did add some buttons to the purse and make some matching fabric flowers but I can’t find that picture. Oh well.

      I will be posting a picture or two of some of my grandchildren soon.

  5. Hi there. Happy Saturday Sharefest.
    That white purse is beautiful. I’m always amazed by people who can sew and makes these creations. I can barely sew a button on.

    Have a wonderful day!!

    • True and funny story here. My hubby had a pair of work pants with a missing button. I let those pants sit for almost a year and never did sew on a button. In the meantime, I took up sewing and he said “but you never even sewed on my button!”. lol…he ended up not needing those pants and I have since repurposed the material.

  6. I am always so thrilled to find women who still keep up the “lost art” of sewing! Beautiufl job, and don’t you just LOVE aprons?
    I really miss having the free time to sew, but I have a huge box of patterns & fabric waiting for me!

    • I do love my aprons. I want to make more. I figured out that my piggie apron is so useful and durable since I made it from a former fabric shower curtain!

  7. I read your comment on Theta Mom’s Forbes post. Just wanted to tell you that I think you’re right on! I have a story similar to yours, and as a younger wife and SAHM, I love to read stories of those who have a happy ending to a parenting story like mine! It makes me truly excited to see how my life unfolds! So thanks!

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