Easter memories and menu

We all had a wonderful Easter with a great church service followed by a great meal. It was the normal family including my hubby, my boys, my daughter and her son and me. Here is Isaiah, or Za as we call him, waiting for his food.

 Here was my final menu for the main meal:


     Caprese salad

     Green and black olives

     Deviled eggs


     Chicken and cheese tortellini in broth

     Cappacola and provolone stuffed bread


     Lamb Kofta salad with garlic sauce


     Angel food cake with strawberries and Cool Whip

We were all so full after the tortellini that we left and took our 45 minute walk before we got to the lamb kofta salad. My kids didn’t eat the salad but Phil and I did and it was full of flavor.  The boys and I spent time on Saturday making the tortellini, it was an interesting time for sure. They sure are silly boys. Here are some pictures from that. I uploaded a video to my Facebook fan page and you can click on the link on the sidebar and see it there. It shows how to form a tortellini around your finger.

Chicken and cheese tortellini

1 chicken breast, cooked and cooled

8 ounces ricotta cheese

1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

1 egg

salt and pepper

1 basic pasta dough recipe

Roll out pasta until it’s about 1/8 inch thick, that was #3 on my machine. Cut out circles, I used a small wine glass almost 2 inches wide. Put a small bit of filling on each round and fold in half like a half-moon. Press edges and then wrap the ends around the tip of your index finger. Use a small bit of water to keep it sticking. Let dry or freeze. If frozen, boil about 10 min. testing occasionally. I served these with warm chicken broth and cheese.

Here is the link to the Lamb Kofta salad. For the bread, I used a recipe from Italian Food Forever that originally called for proscuitto but I used sweet cappacola. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter or Passover however you chose to celebrate.

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  1. Michelle, it looks wonderful and especially the kofta sounds absolutely delicious!!!
    BTW What happened to your Italy picture on top of your site :( ?

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