Life is hard…

I am sorry for being silent. Right now I am dealing with several situations that are a bit stressful. First, we are still awaiting the birth of our twin grandsons and I am on standby to go and help with the birth. My meal plan has been very simple with nothing new being attempted.

Second, a family in our local schools lost two of their children in a horrific car accident on Wednesday. My boys have been troubled by this event and we are just relaxing as a family and letting the stress of the past few days leave our minds, if we can. We are praying for the family and friends who have lost their beloved son-daughter/friends. It’s never easy, death that is, especially when it’s children.

I didn’t want anyone to think I disappeared or stopped cooking or writing. I was writing a neat post the other day when I heard the news of the accident but I have saved that draft for a later posting. Right now I am focusing on helping my kids through this tough time. If you feel led, please pray for the Ehrbar family as they deal with their losses. I just can’t imagine the pain.

3 thoughts on “Life is hard…

  1. I can’t even imagine. :( I’m praying for the family and for your family as well. Take all the time you need. We’ll still be here for you when you get back. (hugs)

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