The kind of mom and grandma I want to be

I truly loved growing up with Italian grandparents. They were not the kind of grandparents that took me places or spent money on me but I did spend the night there sometimes and they cooked great foods. We went there for a family dinner every other Sunday. My uncle’s family would go on the opposite Sunday. My grandparents had 12 grandchildren. So far I have 3 and two more that are about to be born. I can’t imagine 12!

When my grandchildren come to visit I try to give them a lot of attention. That isn’t always easy if I am doing the cooking and trying to move breakables out of their reach.  I truly enjoy their presence. Nothing beats a little toddler and their chubby arms and legs reaching out to you for a big hug and calling you gwamma or amamma. To Izzy, I am queen. I can do no wrong! What could be better? I think I felt the same way about my grandma. She knew how to love us in her way. She made foods I loved and snuck us candy. But having arrived in the US right in the beginning of the Great Depression, she was frugal. Each of us kids would get a spoonful of M & M’s from her. When grandpa would hand out Hershey Kisses, we each got one.  I am not like that! I would give those little angels the whole bag if I could get away with it. I think their parents would not be happy with me unless they were left to my care afterwards.

As I write this post, my daughter is on her way to see her OB and schedule an induction since these twin boys are a bit stubborn and not ready to come out. They are at 38 weeks and 5 days which is wonderful for twins. Brit is more than ready for this pregnancy to be over. She has done a wonderful job of not only being pregnant, but also as a wife and mother in general. My other daughter Lauren is a single parent. She works as a nanny so she can keep her son with her as she works. It’s the best of situations for her. She is also a wonderful mother. She is attentive to her son and his needs. That makes me proud.

With Mother’s day around the corner, I look back over my 27 years of being a mother and I can honestly say I am proud of the job I have done and continue to do. Am I perfect, no. Am I going to make big mistakes? Yes. But I keep picking myself up and dusting off the dirt and moving on. I try to ask forgiveness when needed and admit my faults to my children. That is a very hard thing to do. 

Since my boys are teenagers I am still actively parenting as well as enjoying the privileges of being a grandma. It makes for an interesting life but I do enjoy watching my sons as uncles. They are so good with their niece and nephews. They will be great fathers as well.

I can’t leave my hubby out of any of this. He is my hero. When we met, I had the girls already and he was taking on an instant family when he said “I do”. He has done a great job as a father. Most men get about 9 months to think about being a daddy and then they learn from the beginning and impart their influence on the life of their child. My hubby came along mid-stream and jumped in with both feet.  In order for a woman to be the best mother or grandmother she can be, she needs a loving man and a great support system in her corner. My family was there for me while I was a single parent for 9 years. We are here for Lauren. But in a nuclear family with a mom and dad with children, the dad is so important as he is the chief support for his wife as a mother. My hubby is my best support and encourager. He loves me unconditionally, kind of just like Jesus does. I need that, big time!

I think I will end this post with a cute word my from youngest son. He is 13 and always has a quick-witted word for me. We were discussing the plans for Mother’s Day and I was suggesting some foods that my hubby could cook for me for dinner. I would go so far as to do the shopping and getting the recipes for him. My son said “Mom, we are going to decide what to make cause that should come from the heart”. Oh my, makes my heart melt. So if I get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I am going to be thrilled with that as much as if I was getting a steak or huge salad.  And I hope that I can finally post a picture of me and my new twin grandsons on Mother’s Day. What do you think?

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  1. I think it would be amazing. :) Congrats to your daughter on carrying those twins to term. You are one lucky woman to have such a loving family!

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