Dragon slaying and bubble baths….

I know, it’s not in any way, shape or form related to cooking but hey, that is how my evening has been. 

My grandchildren and I have been outside to slay some dragons. I love their imagination. They have “aiyas” which are foam swords and I bought them shields. They are all set to slay and train dragons. Izzy would declare a red dragon was by a tree so we would run to the tree and slay the dragon. Then Asher would say another green dragon was near the flowers and we would head in that direction. I knew getting them inside was going to be a challenge but then I said we had to wash off the dragon slime.  That worked like a charm and they are now clean and dressed for bed. Funny how when you put things in a certain way, these kids will do anything.

Another bonus was that I made salisbury steak from scratch for them and they devoured that too! Fun day but this grandma is wearing down. I was up very early to drive 2 and a half hours to spend a few days with my daughter and the kids while they adjust to her husband going back to work. So far things are going well.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll eat some pasta since these kids love noodles as much as I do!

One thought on “Dragon slaying and bubble baths….

  1. How are those precious new ones doing? It sounds like your grandchildren have a fun imagination! Glad the dragon slaying was a success. your Salisbury steak sounds good too! I’ve never had homemade before, just the nasty cafeteria type. I’d love to try it. If you get time to post the recipe sometime, please do!

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