Life moves forward due to progress. Have you ever stopped to think about how much we as humans have progressed towards a more comfortable lifestyle than previous generations? I know I have. It hits me on a pretty regular basis that this current generation has things a bit easier than the last and so on and so on.

 Since I now have grandchildren, I get to see all the new things that are offered to parents of infants and I have also experienced the progress of medical knowledge in childbirth. I see progress all around me in this world of parenting. There are products designed to help parents know if their children are moving and breathing in their cribs. There are sippy cups to keep from having to clean up sticky and stinky milk and juice spills. There are waterproof pads, disposable diapers and even disposable bottles. All of these items were not available to my grandparents and only a few were available to my parents. I have to admit that I view some of the “progressive” products for children as nothing but expensive junk designed to inflict fear into the heart of  new parents. Or they breed more “helicopter” parents who hover incessantly over their children. Sure, I have my own set of paranoia to add to the mix but I can honestly say I would not have ever thought to buy a monitoring system to alarm me if my child stopped breathing. This is not to say that I don’t feel honest pain for parents who have lost a child to SIDS. I am just not sure I would have bought a product like a breathing monitor because knowing me, I would not sleep, just waiting for that alarm to beep and then having to run and check on my baby.

 I also would not spend over $800 on a “travel system” for my children. A stroller only needs to perform a function for a few years at best. Why do I need one with all the bells and whistles? Some are so big you could not possibly fit them into the “green” cars so many young people are buying these days. Seriously, travel systems of that size and magnitude only call for a large gas guzzling vehicle.  Ok, I guess I am pretty passionate about this stuff…don’t get me started on cell phones for 6  year olds, 10-year-old soccer pros and iPods! Ugh….

Now lest you think I am a backwards fool who doesn’t enjoy technology and progress, think again. I enjoy my laptop computer, watching Netflix instantly through my Wii system and having the exact color of red paint on my kitchen wall. But I think there are going to be things that are considered progress in which I will not buy into. I honestly don’t need the best cookware, just something that is good and won’t break too soon or burn my food due to poor construction. I don’t need gadgets and gizmos to take up more space in my kitchen if I can make one item to multiple tasks. I am learning I am very capable of making do with what I have whether it’s limited space or lack of equipment.

Progress around my house means we have finally painted with the red paint on one wall in the kitchen. We had to put the project on hold due to my husband injuring his shoulder. He still hurts and we don’t know exactly what is wrong, but he is able to do some painting so it’s begun. My cooking adventures will be limited while things are moved around and shaken up in the small space of my kitchen.

Progress in my life means I am going to make some hard choices about certain circumstances in my life that only affect my immediate family but will draw reactions far and wide. Sorry to be vague there, but I am not ready to fully disclose those choices just yet.

Progress means that my wonderful man has been learning about his true heart desire in his job field and I am supporting his search to find the job that meets those desires. That could mean upsetting the balance of my extended family’s lives but so be it. Life is about progress, is it not?

Progress means I am learning that yeast breads and I have a love/hate relationship and until I can learn from a pro, in person, how to make a real loaf of bread, I am sticking with focaccia bread and pizza crust! I just don’t get it.

If my grandma were alive today, she would not have the first clue about some kitchen items or some of these baby items but she would have a clue as to how to help me with cooking. At least that is how I view it. My grandmother had a run-in with progress back in her day. My grandfather arrived in the US in 1923. My uncle was born that year back in Italy. My grandfather knew his wife was using cloth diapers as that was all that was available and I guess sometime around 1925  or 1926 my grandfather sent some plastic pants, or rubber pants as they called them then, back to Italy to my grandmother to use over the cloth diapers. My grandmother did not understand how this worked because as the story goes, she put the rubber pants on my uncle WITHOUT a cloth diaper and sent him out to play. Apparently he leaked all over the place! Imagine how he felt as a little child? Imagine my grandmother and her humiliation when she found out how to properly use this new “progressive” product? I guess we all have to learn from our mistakes for real progress to begin.

I hope this wasn’t too painful to read about but it’s what is happening with me lately. I am having more thoughts about things than actual doing. Life gets like that at times. Maybe I am beginning to feel deeply the changes about to take place in my life and this is how I prepare for them? Who knows, but I promise to get a new recipe up as soon as possible.

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  1. take all the time you need. And I hear ya on some of the technology for babies. We’re still using the same stroller we had for the first of our three kids and the favorite one is a $9.99 umbrella stroller from Walmart. Don’t get me started either. ;) Hope you’re doing well. Give those cute little babies a hug from the blogosphere!

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