Discussion on my Facebook fan page has begun

If you are a fan then hop on over the my fan page on Facebook and click on the discussion tab so we can chat about the new Cooking Channel. If you aren’t a fan, my question is what are you waiting for? Hop over and click like and you too can get in on the discussions. I love interaction from my readers as much as I love your comments. It does my heart good. 

I have two new recipes that I will be trying this week so stay tuned for new posts and pictures. One is using various beans for dips and spreads and the other will be for breakfast foods. Now I realize the typical breakfast in Italy consists of coffee and maybe a croissant or other pastry type of food but here in the US we do like our eggs and such. And we all know that breads and I are not on good terms at the moment, still waiting for someone to step forward and volunteer to teach me, so I am not even going to attempt croissants or pastries. I’ll instead focus on eggs and how to make them Italian style  for breakfast. 

And since some of the adult people in my house, I am not naming names, need to lose a few pounds so we are beginning phase 1 of the South Beach diet once again. It’s going to be tough and tonight I bid farewell to my pasta at dinner. It’s not going to be easy. I am a carbaholic and so are the rest of the family members who live here. My oldest son could live on bread alone, contrary to what the Bible says. I know I said we were doing this before but I had just started my blog and it didn’t feel right to cut out the foods of my grandparents at a time when I was just discovering my ability to cook like they did.

I still have much to learn and won’t stop. My next big endeavor is going to be to try and get some more information from my extended family members about typical foods they ate with my grandparents. I hope they respond this time.

Thanks for reading and commenting and don’t forget to come over to Facebook and join the discussion on the Cooking Channel and their shows.

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