We’ll call this the yellow post since I’ll let you know about some “yellow” happenings. Not yellow in the scared sense but the color. My tomato plants have yellow flowers on them so I am guessing that means bright red tomatoes are soon too follow.

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 My kitchen is now getting more paint added to the walls, and since the kids are out of school we put them to work doing some of the cutting in on the celing and walls. One son was doing the yellow while the other did the white.  Our dog, who is black and loves the coolness of the kitchen floor, decided to lay down near the vent for the A/C and cool off while the boys did some painting and I was not in the house. So now we have a dog who looks like this:

Poor Jack is being called yellow-butt by all of us.

Yellow is the color of all the foods we had for dinner last night. It wasn’t planned to be like that but in the end and having a time crunch, we had corn instead of broccoli with the lemon-thyme chicken and orzo with cheese.

Yellow is the color of the car that just took my boys off for the day to serve lunch to inner-city kids and spend some time with their youth group hanging out and doing a bible study. I am so excited to hear how the day goes for them and the kids. My hubby’s cousin drives a VW bug with a black convertible roof but it’s up today since it’s raining here. It’s a cute little car with room for three boys and her. I am so glad she is doing the driving this morning since I hate mornings in general. I’m on the pick-up duty later today. That works for me.

 Similar but not exact since the cousin has a black rag-top roof. Photo from .

Yellow has never really been a favorite color of mine but I think it works well with red for my kitchen. And my son-in-law loves yellow along with the aforementioned cousin. Yellow just works for some people. Not so much for me.

Stay tuned for some exciting news. If you are interested in the recipes for the food on the plate above, leave me a note in the comments. Thanks for reading and I hope the yellow wasn’t too hard on your eyes.