Big news!!!!! I won!!!!

I don’t normally post on a late Saturday night but this is big news! Remember the writing contest I entered with my essay about the “Most influential woman in my life”? Well it won the prize! It was chosen as the winning entry from the ladies at She Who Blogs. Be sure to visit and see the links to the other entries as well as a reposting of my own entry.

As a reminder, I won a gift certificate to Amazon and I have now ordered my big skillet! It’s stainless steel with high straight sides with a glass lid and is large enough for all the dishes I need it for. I am also getting some other kitchen items and will post a picture of all my spoils once they get here. Thanks again to Frances and Lissa for choosing my entry. And once again, thank you to all the women I know who have influenced me. Most of you know who you are!!!

10 thoughts on “Big news!!!!! I won!!!!

    • Liz, it took me a long time to settle on this one pan even though I know I want/need other cookware. I also ordered a pasta pot that comes with two strainers. That will come in handy for me. I have other basic pieces but this skillet was not one of them. What is your favorite piece of cookware Liz?

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