How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells (what the heck are those anyway) and pretty maids (last time I checked, I didn’t have a maid, I’m the maid) all in a row.  Yes that is stolen from a nursery rhyme but I had nothing else to start this post. It’s about my small but blossoming and blooming garden. I have not killed anything!!! That is reason to celebrate. This is my garden about 1 month ago.

Over the past few years I have attempted to keep a flower garden in various parts of my yard. Most years the weeds take over about 1 month into the growing season and I realize I have wasted all my money. I also forget to water things. When we first moved here I actually did grow tomatoes one year and had a small crop of yummy tomatoes but never enough for more than a salad. 

Times have changed! I am happy to report, in pictures that my garden is doing great. Here are the three varieties of tomatoes that I am growing. Cherry, Early Girl and Roma plum:

See that clump of cherry tomatoes? This plant is covered in these little clumps with more flowering daily.  Now look at theseEarly Girl tomatoes growing from that Topsy Turvy!

Here are the Roma plum looking healthy.

I have a pepperoncini plant, two basil plants and oregano. Look at those peppers!

The herbs are growing really healthy and I use a lot of the basil in my cooking. I need to make some pesto soon. I’ll leave you with this last picture of the basil and oregano in a planter. I did plant some basil in a separate pot so that I can bring it in for the rest of the year, after summer is over.

Sorry one more because my son Caleb is doing a great job with his indoor garden of cacti, bamboo and air plants to name a few.

11 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. Beautiful! We have tomatoes and basil growing too! We use these in everything (we’re Italian too!)

    We have a pepper plant out there that is doing NOTHING though. It’s still only three inches tall.

    Beautiful garden!

    • Oh nice for you. About the pepper plant, water water and water. Twice a daily and fertilize. I am just using Miracle Grow once a week when I water. And keep it in the sun all the time. That is what I read to do and it’s working. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate comments!

  2. Yummy, Michelle!

    Its obvious that those tomatoes and peppers are going to be delicious!

    Can’t wait to see what you cook up with them!

    If you have any that don’t fully ripen, do you use them for chutney, or something along those lines?

    Have a great weekend Michelle!


    • Joseph,
      I am wondering how many cherry tomatoes I’ll be able to consume! Well one of my boys and my hubby will help, I’m sure. I hope to at least get one pot of sauce, then I will be happy.

      Have a great weekend yourself!

  3. Nice to see your garden! I grow everything in pots as I don’t have any dirt in my backyard..I live in a small Brooklyn, NY house. I even have a fig tree in a big flower pot!

    • Oh I would love to see pictures. I need to get some figs and try them, eating I mean. I haven’t ever had them. Thanks for commenting, it makes my heart sing!

    • Fig trees in a lovely large clay pot – very traditional Italian style. Just like bay trees or olive trees – confined to a pot and thereby reducing their over-all growth. A great way to adorn a patio or pathway in the garden!

      Would be nice to see a pic of the fig tree, Pat.

  4. How Funny, I was just about to write about my garden in my blog too today. In fact, I took pictures I’m so proud. I’m glad I’m not the only one that does that!

    My eggplant is just beginning to form I’m so happy. It’s been so terribly hot that I have to water almost every night since I’m doing container gardening too.

    I cannot believe your topsy turvey is doing so well. I tried it twice last year to no avail.


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