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I love being a part of this weekly feature from Tina at Life Without Pink. Be sure to visit Tina because she has information all about a new giveaway, very cool. This week I stumbled across some cool blogs. I find them in different ways such as Twitter, Facebook or from those who are so kind as to leave me a comment. I visit that is linked from a comment. I also like to leave some comment love because that’s how I roll.

I am going to be away this weekend, hopefully, for a short visit to my hometown to visit with my sister. I am going to be bringing back the table that once belonged to my grandma and grandpa, more on “the table” another day. One of our planned activities is to visit the wholesale food district in town. I have never been to that area even though I lived in Pittsburgh for over 25 years. Funny how those things work out. Also, whenever I go to town for a visit it’s to see family and not venture around town. I miss seeing the place that is most familiar to me. I can spot the skyline of Pittsburgh faster than any other city skyline.  I guess I said all that to say if I don’t make it to your blog after you visit me, please don’t think I have forgotten about you. I am just busy and not able to.

On with my list:

1. Cecelia Winesap is one of those who came by and left a comment. So I went to visit her and right off the bat her title had me laughing out loud. It is so catchy.  She is just getting started but already I can see I am going to love her sense of humor and how can I go wrong with a fellow Italian?

2. Millie Fiori Favoriti . With a name like that, I had to pay her a visit! What a neat blog, all about living in NYC. I am excited to read more about her and her hometown. I love her photos especially from this post in 2009.

3.  She Who Blogs– Once again I am going to say thank you to these ladies for choosing my entry for their Influential Women contest. That was the one where I won $100 to Amazon and bought my huge, huge skillet and glass jars that are made in Italy. I also bought a pizza peel. But this time they are up to something even better! Share a Square 2010. Please pay them a visit, even if you are not crafty, but maybe you can find a way to get involved with making blankets for children suffering with cancer. What a great cause. I might even get out my yarn and crochet hook again.

4. What’s Cooking Blog– this is a blog about cooking with kids to teach them about healthy foods and healthy eating. Michelle Stern is part of a program intended to get chefs into schools called Chefs Moves to Schools. I am all for something like this. I used to volunteer at our local school and not only was the food mostly processed, the kids threw out so much stuff each day. The packed lunches weren’t all that better. Michelle is also writing a cookbook for kids and I was able to be a recipe tester for her. I hope to post about it soon.

5. Simple Italian Cooking– This is a great blog with tons of simple and tasty recipes.  Liz is a faithful reader and commenter to this blog for which I am grateful. She is so supportive and encouraging. I love to promote a fellow foodie, and again she is Italian! Can’t go wrong there! Check out this recipe, Tuscan Peasant Salad, which I am going to make with my own bread and tomatoes one day!

Thank you again for all the blog support, love and comments. I treasure them all! Be sure to visit Life Without Pink for more blogs to discover and treasure. Why not sit with a cup of coffee or tea and spend some time finding new favorites?

20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I like your blog logo. It is very nice. I can’t wait to check out your recipes and add them to my meal plan.

  2. I have my grandmother’s dining room table – and I so love it! It needs a refinishing – but it holds so many celebration memories! Enjoy your table!

    • The table I got is a small double drop leaf table for the kitchen. It does look worn but that is the charm of old furniture. This table holds many memories for me as well and I promise to write about that very soon.

    • Isn’t that a great idea for the bread? I know that we don’t always finish a loaf fast enough and I wish I had tomatoes around to make a bread salad. Now with my own little garden, I will be able to.

  3. Your blog is really coming to life, Michelle. Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished so far. Your stats look great, you have an active community and it’s all because you get what you give!

    Seems like these weekly link posts are working really well to building your community.

    Cheers and have a great weekend.

    • Tia, you are great! Thank you so much for the encouragement. I bet my hubby is tired of hearing my daily blog stats!
      I am glad to be connecting with my readers because to me that is what it’s about.
      I had a great trip and am resting up now before I try to write it all out.

  4. Wow! I am so proud to be included in this wonderful list! Thank you so much. Stay tuned – I’ll be posting photos of today’s photo shoot for the book! Thank you for your support :-)

  5. Hey thanks for visiting my blog! I’ll make sure to bookmark you too! My heritage is actually Sicilian however a lot of the food traditions weren’t passed down to me :( I’ll be back here for sure!

    • You will not be disappointed if you research and begin the food traditions of your heritage. No matter if it’s Italian, Scilian, German or Scandinavian, food plays a huge role in our lives, whether we know it or not. All the learning I have done has provided me with a connection to the family members long gone.
      Plus we have been eating some wonderful food, can’t go wrong there.

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