Blogger’s block…

it’s kind of like writer’s block but worse. I have an audience, so to speak, and a writer just has some paper and a deadline. Yikes. I’ve been writing in my head all week but nothing has been coming out on the keyboard. I have been quite busy as well. I spent some time at my daughter’s, have been making big progress on the kitchen and yesterday I had errands to run. I did get inspired to make another whole homemade meal. We had linguine with Bolognese sauce, a caprese salad with basil from my garden-the tomatoes aren’t ripe yet, and rosemary focaccia bread. This time my dough rose/rise/rosed? lol…it worked out this time. Last time I tried focaccia I think I killed the yeast. I made sure it foamed yesterday and then went ahead with the bread.

As for the linguine, I was able to use half unbleached white flour and half semolina. I almost used my food processor to begin the kneading process and I should have. It was so hard to knead! I added in another egg and some olive oil just to soften it up. In the end, after letting the dough rest, we had a wonderful ball of smooth dough that made perfect noodles. I also used “the table”, which I’ll write about soon, to make my pasta and bread.

I missed the Friday Favorites party because I was so busy yesterday but I’ll join again next week. I have been researching quite a bit for a new/old phase of life I am about to enter. We have decided to take the plunge and once again home school our boys. There are multiple reasons behind our decision but at this point it’s the best choice, educationally speaking, for our family. We no longer want their creativity limited or their gifts hidden by the public school process. I am confident we can provide them with all that they need to learn. They will both be starting at 9th grade and using pretty much the same books/courses with a few minor differences.

One of the courses we plan to take all together is learning the Italian language. It should be interesting! I am very excited to go back to homeschooling, we taught the girls at home for a few years and the boys began their education at home up until five years ago. We put them in public school then and they did well, making great strides over the years. But now we have noticed that they are stressed and squelched in their interests and talents and abilities. They learn differently and think differently and I want to bring that out of them and help them find their talents and know what they want to do for a career.

Now I need to find some cool homeschooling blogs to read and I will be linking up some of them. I did find this one in my searching, Free Homeschooling 101, and it’s a great resource for all homeschoolers. I hope I am not going to lose readers because of a personal choice like this but it’s what we need to do. I am not going to stop blogging, but I might have more to write about.

15 thoughts on “Blogger’s block…

  1. I love caprese salad but I bet it would be so much better with basil from my own garden:) Maybe someday! I would love to learn Italian. Good for you!

    Stopping by from the Lady Blogger’s Tea party.

  2. I’m stopping by from SITS Saturday Sharefest! I totally know what you mean about having writer’s block. It’s the worst when you have an audience that is expecting a post and you have nothing to say.

  3. I get a lot of ideas to blog about when I’m not anywhere near my computer. I’ve started making a list or else my brain is constantly in a whirl.

    I hope you have great success homeschooling your boys.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yay for the Tea Party!

  4. Rose! Don’t worry about writer’s block. It will pass. I feel that way too sometimes. It sounds like you are busy doing alot of things ~ perhaps that’s the reason.

    Happy blogging, family and cooking.


    • At first I thought you were calling me “Rose” but now I realize you were showing me the correct word to use. Whew. Want to help me with teaching my boys writing techniques? hehe…
      It was so refreshing to read that others experience this too, writer’s block that is.

  5. Sounds like a lot is going on! I don’t know how you keep up with it all – and making everything homemade oh my goodness you put me to shame!!! Actually it inspires me to get off my tush and get creative again. Do you mind sharing your foccacia recipe?

    My bouts of writing creativity usually come late at night – I’ve given up on ever being a morning person!

    I’ve made a lentil bolognese before and it was awesome. I’ll have to find the recipe and send it your way. I’ve been meaning to make it for a long time, but keep forgetting!

    Best of luck and you haven’t lost me as a reader yet!

    • Oh Liz, I don’t do it all. One thing I won’t be blogging about ever is household cleaning tips. I am a horrible housekeeper flying by the seat of my pants. I do what I need to and that’s it. Having company over is the best way for me to get the house in order! lol…my kitchen gets used the most so it’s cleaned the most.

      I am not nor will I ever be a morning person as far as thinking goes. I am more creative as the day goes on. Thanks for staying with me. There are many family members who don’t know we’ve chosen to homeschool again, they don’t read here anyway, so the fallout hasn’t all happened. Ugh.

      • Liz, if you search under the Recipe search for focaccia you will find the recipe I use. It originates from Italian Food Forever and is so good, when the yeast works. :-)

  6. Great post Michelle!

    Writers block comes to the best of them!

    Congrats on the choice to home-school your boys! Its gotta be a much more conducive way to bring up kids than to send them to school where true capabilities and passions are so limited. Just a pity more of us did not have the “set up” to be able to do this.

    Kind regards

    • Joseph,
      Have you heard of Sir Ken Robinson? He is from Britain and we heard him on a talk show back in March. He spoke about the squelching of natural talent, capabilities and passons of children through the current public school systems. I knew this all along but we had to put them in school for the last 5 years for various reasons. Many of those have changed and now it’s time to get back to my passion of having them develop theirs. My hubby agrees and is the driving force this time around. I can’t wait to see what the boys discover.

  7. Wow! Home schooling! My hat is off to ya, girl! :)

    I have yet to make my own fresh pasta, but it is on my list! I’ll bet it is so much better than the store bought dried stuff!

  8. I just got through my own version of writers block so I completely understand your pain! Your blog makeover looks great!

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