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 I want to tell you about the table. This table means so much to me. It represents years of hard work and delicious food. It holds many memories and stories of my childhood as well as my adulthood. Many hands have used this table to create foods filled with love and great flavors. Many children sat around this table eating that food or laughing or singing. I was one of the children and now I am going to be one of the others who create food at this table.

This table belonged to my grandparents. I can remember watching my grandma crank the old pasta machine and make noodles at this table. As a child, this was the “kids table” at my grandparents house when we went for family dinners. The 4 youngest sat at this table which included me, my two brothers and a cousin. I was the only girl at the table. I can remember laughing and being silly with those boys while eating. One time, my cousin, who didn’t like red sauce or meatballs, put a ton of cheese on his plain spaghetti and got in trouble. Like I said, this table holds many memories.

After my grandparents died, my father took the table. Eventually it took up residence in his kitchen and a few years later I realized it was the “kids table” once again to a new generation-my kids and my sister’s as well. My dad began hosting the family dinners and our 4 kids would sit there. Once again the table changed hands after my dad died and my older brother took it. I remember visiting him a few times and that table was being used for food and other things at the gatherings. I think my kids all sat at it once during a holiday meal.

It went to my sister a few years later and you guessed it- some kids sat at that table at various family gatherings. Which brings us to current times. I visited my sister a few weeks back and she gave me the table. She didn’t have a need for it. I do. I have 5 grandchildren and it’s about time I have a “kids table” of my own. I have also had a chance to make some homemade pasta and bread using this table. I am keeping it under a sunny window and in the winter it will hold my basil and rosemary plants.

(You can see the painters tape is still up, I have one more coat on the baseboards and then to finish the cabinets as far as painting goes.)

The table has 2 drop leaf sides that open up to make it big. It’s nice to be able to close it and store it in a small space but still get lots of use from it.

So what furniture or items are special to you that have been passed on down through the generations? A special quilt? A set of china? Or maybe just your memories…what ever they are, treasure them and share them with future generations. It’s what connects  us to those who are no longer here.

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  1. Oh….I love this story. Thank you for sharing! I love Thanksgiving because our family has always had a traditional American dinner, AND Italian dinner. It’s a pretty crazy spread but full of memories and Love.

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