Friday Favorites…

Hey it’s Friday and you know what that means, right? I get to share some really cool blogs I have discovered this week. Tina at Life Without Pink is hosting, as always be sure to drop by her blog and leave her some comment love and find new blogs.  Tina’s focus this week is on social media. Be sure to read her list.

On to my list!

1. The Local Cook– What a great foodie blog! Wendy shares everything from recipes to reviews to giveaways. She is running a fun giveaway right now on a classic cookbook that’s been updated. Be sure to visit and enter for your chance to win your own copy of “The I hate to Cook Book”. I love her blog so much, I am adding her button to my sidebar.

2. Frugal Upstate– I’ve been a subscriber of Frugal Upstate for a few months now and I am never disappointed in Jenn’s content. She posted a great recipe of “Fried Green Tomatoes” the other day and from there I made BLTs with them! Oh it was simply devine! I was getting anxious for my tomatoes to get red so I picked a few green ones and made a batch. It was so quick and easy. But there is so much more at Frugal Upstate. She is even on blog talk radio each week!

3. Food Hunter’s Guide to Cuisine-This blog is all about finding great food in the midst of chain restaurants and stores. She includes recipes, reviews and great ideas. I just love reading other blogs about food and foodies. Maybe it’s become an addiction? But in any case, these recipes for desserts with mascarpone and ricotta cheese look appealing and tasty. I can’t wait to try them!

4. BlogFrog Communities– This is a cyber gathering place for bloggers from all walks of life and topics. This is where one can network with other bloggers, learn all the tricks to blogging and just plain have fun while making new friends. My community is not very active but I am sharing this because I get followers there on a regular basis and I am grateful for them all. Maybe you are thinking about joining? I encourage you to go ahead and do it!

That’s my list for the week. See ya next week with another go round of Friday Favorites.

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