Birthdays and busyness….

Today my son turns 14. He is my baby, my youngest. The caboose. He came into the world about 2 in the morning on August 11, 1996. He wasn’t scheduled to be here until Monday the 12th via a scheduled c-section but he had other plans. He is not only my baby but he was my biggest baby at 9 pounds and 9 ounces. With each pregnancy and birth, the child weighed about 1 pound heavier than the previous one so you can see why I chose to stop at four!  He is a smart and funny kid but he is my picky eater which makes my job tough some days. It all works out in the end. Here is Caleb wrestling with my 2 1/2 year-old grandson.

Speaking of grandchildren, my twin grandsons turned 3 months yesterday and we visited them on the day before. Here I am with Daniel and David.

They are growing fast. I love the little fists David is showing off and Daniel has that button chin thing going on. Sweet.

This Sunday my 2nd grandson will turn 2. Za is a little bugger and busy all the time. He was here for a visit on Sunday and kept us hopping. He loves to give the dog his treats, just like his cousins do when they are here. We are going to Za’s birthday party, at a park, on Saturday. He is very much into Thomas the Tank Engine and the Cars characters.  Here is one of my favorite summer pictures of Za.

He was eating cherries and don’t you just love those gorgeous long eyelashes and big brown eyes? He is a cutie as well.

And of course, since I am posting pictures of the grandchildren, I have to include one of the princess of the bunch, Elizabeth. She is a beauty and I love her to pieces. In her eyes, I do no wrong. Life is great.

I am glad now that my husband didn’t get that job in North Carolina because I would have missed these guys something awful. Last night we celebrated Caleb’s birthday with ribs, peas and salad. I made him a red velvet cake with raspberry jam and chocolate frosting. It was so yummy. The ribs were great too and I used a recipe from the Pioneer Woman’s site. It was simple and easy to follow for me, since I have only done ribs one other time and that was a long time ago. 

The kitchen is done as far as the major painting goes. I am going to buy all new knobs, make curtains, hang a few pictures and shelves then start my cooking journey once again. I have been on hold with the painting and moving so much in and out of the kitchen on a weekly basis. It sure was hard to make a decent meal some nights when most of the kitchen was covered in drop-cloths or cluttered with drying cabinet doors. But now I am good to go with the cooking. Stay tuned for new recipes as I tackle some more breads, pastas and a few more sauces. I might even venture into a dessert or two!

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  1. OK, you look about 20-something and you have all these beautiful GRAND children?? Life is so not fair!

    I never got to left over pulled pork looking at your beautiful grandbabies. :)

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