Garden update

I just thought I would give a little update. I wish I could post some pictures but my camera batteries died and it only works with certain batteries. I know, that is very picky of my camera but I guess its telling me its old. *smile* I have been getting lots of cherry tomatoes, a few of the “early girl” variety and there are a lot of Roma plum tomatoes that are green although I’ve picked some red ones. They are all very small though so I needed to be feeding them more Miracle Grow I guess. Last night I took a whole bunch of cherry tomatoes and took out the seeds then filled them with a little pesto. They were so good. I got that idea from a cookbook. The peperoncini plant is doing well and I have about 8 peppers strung up and drying.

 One dish we have come to love in my house is pasta with peas. It’s an easy dish and inexpensive as well. You can’t beat that combo! This weekend I plan to make up a big pot of sauce and meatballs for several meals. I really wish I was using fresh tomatoes for that sauce but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I just don’t have enough at once to make that much sauce. Maybe I’ll try something with the plum tomatoes on a smaller scale. I have used cherry tomatoes in the many salads we’ve been eating.

My basil plant and oregano plant are doing well. I have to remember to keep pruning them or they just don’t grow. I wonder if the basil will survive the replanting into a new pot soon so I can grow it inside for the winter. I also want to do that with the rosemary plant.  Next year I might be  more adventurous and do a garden in the ground and learn more about the whole process.

Oh and I found that the leaves on part of my cherry tomato plant are getting a green speckled look to them. I am not sure what that is from so I am going to have to do some research. Good thing I use Swagbucks and earn bucks while searching. In the last year of using Swagbucks, I have earned over $150 in gift cards to Amazon! Can’t beat that. Click on swagbucks for a link on how to sign up and start winning yourself.

5 thoughts on “Garden update

    • Thanks Liz. Now when you need to research stuff, log into Swagbucks and search through their site. Sometimes you’ll get bucks but not always. Have fun!
      I hadn’t thought about the heat and the tomatoes. Good thought.

  1. do you have a favorite peas and pasta recipe? I am doing A LOT of tweaking right now as I work on a gluten free, casein free, soy free diet for my one dd so this would have to be a meal when she’s not at home, but it sure sounds good. I found a lot of recipes on line but wondered what you have tried and true.

  2. I got problems also with the sizes of my tomatoes on my first harvest. My friend told me that it is because of the soil. Maybe your soil doesn’t have the right nutrients to make your plants to produce perfect. Now I am using compost soil and it makes my veggies grow perfect and yummy. Why don’t you try using it too?

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