My grandchildren…a labor of love!

As I sit here writing this post, I am fully recovered from my 24+ hours visit of my daughter and her family. Since it’s a two and a half hour drive to my house from hers, they usually come and stay for a night. Now with 4 children that makes for a fun time. We had fun, at least I am sure I had fun with them. While they were here, my sister came for a short visit to meet the 4 month old twins for the first time. And my other daughter and her son joined us for a few hours as well. It was fun to see the toddler cousins together. Here are a few pictures of me, my daughters and the babies all together. Getting the toddlers to sit still was like herding cats.


When Phil came home from work, yes he has to work on Saturdays, we tried to get a picture of he and I with all 5 kids and the results were about the same as earlier with me and the girls.

I did manage to get one good picture of me with Brit’s four children the day before.

On Friday I made the one recipe that seems to bring searches to this blog on a daily basis, Chicken Involtini, which is bacon-wrapped chicken with cheese filling. They are delicious so I am glad people are finding a decent recipe to leave with. We also had some pasta with garlic olive oil and a big salad.

Today is Labor day and we are taking it easy. My men are outside chopping wood and building a fire. We are doing foil meals tonight. We will take some ground beef patties, add in some sliced canned potatoes, onions, corn and maybe carrots and some seasonings and wrap it into individual foil packets to heat on the coals in the fire pit. It’s cool here in Ohio for September so we are going to enjoy this weather. I love fall.

Tomorrow I am going to bake some zucchini bread since my daughter shredded a few bag fulls for me the other day. I’ll have to freeze some of that bread or my family will devour it all in one day. Maybe I’ll make some into muffins. But first, I need to find a really good recipe to use.  I’ll share what I use and take some pictures to share.

Don’t forget to check in on our homeschooling adventure. I do need to update that page with week three’s notes.

Happy Labor Day to all.

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  1. Hi!! You are very welcome!! That’s fine I completely understand if you were busy! That’s great that you have some Greek & Italian heritage too. Thank you for coming by & for your sweet comment. I’m looking forward to reading more from your blog as well. Hope you had a great Labor Day!

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