Under the weather

All of us have been sick now. Well almost all of us. Jake is the only one without a cold but he is dealing with tummy issues it seems. It’s been interesting around here. The house is a mess, no one feels well enough to clean but some how we managed to get in some school work. Last evening I retreated to my room since the guys were all on computers doing one thing or another and I needed some quiet. And here once again this morning, I am the first one awake, while they all sleep and I am taking advantage of the quiet to blog a little and just be alone.

If I am going to be honest, being alone at home is something I miss since we started homeschooling. If I want to be alone, I need to leave my house. That is almost too much work some days. And usually I go to meet with other people or run errands when I leave the house. That is defeating the purpose of alone time. I am feeling my husband’s pain as he would love more alone time. He thought he would get that on his trip but that didn’t quite happen. Since he was traveling with a co-worker and they were in a class with other people, they often met up with the others for dinner and sight seeing.  Since I seem to be suffering from the same issue of not enough alone time, I guess I am now more aware of his plight and will make sure he gets some time to hang at home without all of us.

One of my next recipes to try is zucchini fritters. They are going to get fried in oil so I am trying to space this out from other fattening foods on our menu. The boys and I did some menu planning last week and I think it’s going to wait. I’m supposed to make pasta with peas and focaccia bread today but I am not sure we are up for that much food or work. I might make some chicken soup instead. Soup seems to help everyone feel better. I hope by reading this I haven’t passed our germs on to you! It seems like a lot of people are sick because the choices for tissues and cold medicines were slim pickings at the store. Take care and stay healthy!

5 thoughts on “Under the weather

  1. I get the alone time thing! I started keeping my son home with me last week (from daycare) for the next few months. It’s going to be a huge money-saver for me and so it’s worth the sacrifice, but wow! It is really much harder than I thought. I had begun to really enjoy the peace and quiet, and now it is gone.

    The good things are that I really do like hanging out with him more often and there are some things I do now that I didn’t before, like get out of the house during the day sometimes. But still, I can totally relate!


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