On the road to recovery

I probably should have written sooner than this but I’ve been sick for about the last 2 weeks. I caught whatever Caleb had and also spread it to Phil. I guess that is normal in a household. I haven’t been feeling good enough to do a lot of things including cooking delicious meals. I did manage to attend my girlfriends getaway last weekend but I coughed and blew my nose through the whole thing! I finally saw the doctor who prescribed antibiotics for the sinus or bronchial infection I have. It’s starting to go away and I am coughing less which is a good thing.

We’ve been trying to keep up with school work and that is going ok. I think Caleb finally found a career he might like to investigate and that is the direction we are hoping homeschooling will take him-into learning what he needs to know for his future job. I don’t want to just throw dates and names at them for the sake of “learning” but I want them to learn about what truly interests them. I know they are curious about the world around them as we all are. They are connecting the dots of history and science and I am having a great time watching this.  We continue to go to our co-op classes and they are learning neat things about business, physics and art.

Hopefully next week I will have a new recipe. I know I want to get back to baking some breads but with all the germs I have been dealing with, kneading dough is not a good thing. We are also going to start making some more soups for the fall months. I hope you all keep reading and commenting as I live for comments!

2 thoughts on “On the road to recovery

  1. Hi!! I hope you get better very soon!! I’m looking forward to the new recipe. Thank you. I’m glad you are looking forward to my Italian Lessons, I’m excited to teach them. I hope you have a great day!

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