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Being a foodie I totally enjoy when I stumble across new foodie blogs. Usually I find them by the automatic links other blogs have that bring people here. Did that make any sense? At the bottom of this entry, you’ll find links to “Other posts you might like” and they aren’t always to other posts on my blog but on new blogs as well. Sometimes IMC will show up on other blogs and I always go and check them out. I look at my blog stats daily, I’m obsessed I guess! I love the search terms people use and then my blog appears in the hits. Apparently a lot of people  are making homemade creamy tomato basil soup this time of year because that is the top search that brings new visitors here daily.

Alrighty then, onto the new site. I found Anthony’s Spaghetti Sauce and Meatballs blog by the links back to my blog. I am totally impressed with the detail he puts into all his recipes/instructions. He has great pictures and secrets to share. It’s all about Italian food which is my favorite so you know I’ll be testing out some of his recipes since they come straight from his Italian grandma. His sauce, meatballs and braciole recipe is almost identical to my family recipe. I’m going to have to find out if his family originates from the same area in Italy.

Be sure to hop on over to his blog and become a Facebook fan as well. He has pictures there as well. I found some videos on how to knead and bake bread and we all know how much I need that! So I am going to plan a bread baking day soon and try out his methods. Please let Anthony know you found him through my blog by leaving him a comment.  Happy Sunday!

One thought on “Foodie finds

  1. I wish I were MORE of a foody. I’m more of a EATY. I live with a husband who loves to cook and a mother in law who sends us more than I can handle. I like to say, SOMEONE has to eat.

    Here’s a friend of mine’s blog who started around the time I did. She’s a cutey, a mom and has some good recipes.



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