Visitors are coming…

I am taking a longer break than I was already taking because my oldest two grandchildren are coming for a 5 day visit. We are all very excited here for these little visitors. I am looking forward to a trip to the zoo, a hayride and pumpkin picking, and of course a tea party. And I am getting rather adventurous to plan to cook my sauce and meatballs while they are here. I want to create that memory for them that I had growing up. The smells of my kitchen will be one of comfort and love for them just like my own grandparents’ kitchen did for me.  I did learn that Asher doesn’t like sauce on his spaghetti just like my son so I guess that will be interesting. I promise to take lots of pictures and post those later. Oh I also plan to make homemade tomato soup again for one of our dinners. Around here, we can’t get enough of the tastes of this wonderful creamy tomato basil soup.

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2 thoughts on “Visitors are coming…

  1. Have a wonderful time with your family. I know I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving so my mom and I can share the kitchen again and prepare a big holiday meal together. It’s what I miss most about not living at home.

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