Just add book reviewer to my resume’…

Today I was contacted by a PR lady about reviewing a book. Wow! Awesome! I am very excited for a few reasons-the main one being this book is all about some of my most favorite passions. Italy, cooking and recipes. Plus you can learn Italian while reading this wonderful book.

I haven’t even received my copy to review yet but after reading over the author’s blog, I just have the highest of hopes this book and writer will not let me down. You will see for yourself when you take a look at Beyond the Pasta. Mark Leslie provides much in his blog that makes you want to get the book and read for yourself the total experience. So stick with me as I wait for my copy to arrive, read the book then write my review. I am so psyched!!! Can you tell??

9 thoughts on “Just add book reviewer to my resume’…

  1. How exciting! It looks like the book holds a lot of promise, can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

  2. Michelle,
    Looking forward to reading/hearing your thoughts about my book, too. For me, the Italian experience is all about the celebration of the table – the family table. There, food not only nourishes the body but the soul, too.
    Ciao e a presto~

  3. Michelle,
    Looking forward to hearing/reading your thoughts about my book, too. For me the Italian experience is all about the table – the family table. Food not only nourishes the body, but the soul, too. Culturally, Italians seem to understand that and celebrate it.
    Buon leggendo~
    A presto,

    • Mark, That is so true about the family table. I can remember spending a long time around the table when we went to my grandparents for dinner. Even now, when my siblings and I gather together, we sit around the table with our food and chat and visit for hours. It’s just how it’s done. I love to have guests over and sit around the table eating and chatting. So much seems to be shared there. I am looking forward to the book.

  4. Btw I am a follower of yours on Twitter, just recently Twitter listed your name as someone to follow. I am already following, so I clicked on follow again just to see that maybe there was an error. So the next day the same thing happens, for some odd reason it won’t let me follow. I just wanted to let you know just in case you noticed that I was following you & then my name wasn’t there anymore.-

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