Who wants to learn Italian?

I was doing the Friday Favorites meme but I never seem to keep up with those week after week but I think they are great. This week I stumbled upon a cool blog, actually it was just today. I got an email with a link and I don’t even remember signing up for this site! So take a hop over to Dianne Hales’ La Bella Lingua main page where you can learn about her book,  La Bella Lingua, her language course helps for classrooms and students and so much more. I clicked on the link to her blog, Becoming Italian Word by Word, and am so excited. Not only do I want to learn Italian but so do my boys and I am sure the girls do too but they are busy young moms so in time they will learn too.

Can you tell by my postings lately that I am delving deep into my Italian roots again? Maybe because I know that in the fall/winter seasons there seems to be many connections to my heritage through holiday meals and memories of family gatherings. Maybe it’s because I am going to be home more often and will do more cooking? Whatever the reason, I’ll take it. I know I am also going to get my sewing machine out because I have some projects that need my attention, long overdue attention as well as Christmas gifts to make.

Today I dragged the boys into the kitchen to learn how to make crock pot lasagna and only one was participating or remotely interested. I think that Caleb is going to be more interested in baking than cooking. Maybe because he has a scientific mind where Jake has a more creative artsy mind, not that Caleb isn’t artsy, he just isn’t into cooking. He wants to make me crepes for my birthday coming up. Cool. Caleb did mention the other day that I have to come and live with him when he is an adult to cook for him! Hahaha. Phil said he’d have to go back to eating pasta with salad dressing and he wasn’t doing that again. That was the state of Phil and his diet when we met in 1992. I fattened him up by inviting him to my house, which was also my father’s since we lived with him then. Whenever my dad made Italian food, which was often, Phil was invited to eat and visit. It’s true what they say about the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I bet the Italians coined that phrase!

Buon giorno

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  1. congratulazioni !
    … nice to hear about Italian cooking abroad !!! Lasagna is one of the favorite Italian dishes by Italian language students here in Florence !
    Nice blog, by the way…

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