Three signs o’ fall contest…

The ladies at She Who Blogs are once again holding a contest. There will be 4 winners, each getting a $25 gift card to

My Three signs o’ fall:

1. The leaves are changing their colors and they are crunchy when you walk on them.

2. Hoodies! The air is chilly enough for hoodies.

3. Warm foods like soups and stews and mugs of hot chocolate and tea. These are all so comforting on cool fall nights.

I am also including the required photo for the contest. This photo, to me, shows a few signs of fall that I listed above. My kids and grandkids in their hoodies at the zoo and the yellow leaves with the sun shining through. Seeing the sun on a cool day is very much a fall thing to  me.

If you want to get in on the fun of the contest, you only have 3 more days to enter! Head over to She Who Blogs for more details.

9 thoughts on “Three signs o’ fall contest…

  1. I love the photo! And your signs of fall are right on! Mac’n cheese and a crockpot of chile are two of my signs of fall. I just stopped by from SITS and hope you will find time to do the same.

  2. Hi,

    I am new to your blog, having found you via the Signs o’ Fall contest. I just entered – I think I am the latest entry! Just found out about it, though, and thought what the heck.

    I’m with you on the soups and hot drinks – cozy! :)

    Happy autumn! :)


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