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A couple of months ago I was contacted by a sweet lady from the CSN online stores. She asked me if I wanted to do a store review or a giveaway. I decided to do a review since I wanted to be sure I was directing my readers to a good online shopping experience.  I have to say that I am NOT disappointed  in CSN and their offerings. I was actually very pleased to shop with them and do this review.

I only waited so long to use my gift certificate because when I was contacted, we were in the middle of repainting the kitchen. I wanted to get something to make it extra nice or even a new piece of cookware. And if I am going to be perfectly honest I have the hardest time deciding on purchases. Ask my family and they’ll tell you I am always last to make up my mind when eating out. It also takes me for-e-v-e-r  to buy clothes for myself. The one thing I do well is when I buy gifts or food for my family. I do that with ease.

I finally settled on a pot rack that could be hung on the wall. This one in fact:

I love how it matches my new oven’s “stainless steel” look. I ordered it and CSN shipped it extra fast which was very nice. We opened the package and I didn’t believe that I ordered a 3 foot long rack for around $60! Then we noticed the weld on one of the support arm was crooked and could not fold out at the 90 degree angle it needed to be at to be hung. I emailed the nice people at customer service about my defective product and within hours I had a response.

They told me they would replace the item and ship one soon. I was also told to keep or dispose of the defective one. If we can fix it, we’ll use it. But by the end of the week I had a replacement rack and it’s fine. So now I should have my rack up in a day or two when my hubby can get to it. I am very excited because I have a place to store the new pasta pot my son picked out for my birthday gift.

So I have to say I would highly recommend using CSN stores for shopping online. They ship fast, have great customer service, reasonably and competitively priced products and honor their word. This is the second time I bought from them and have not been disappointed either time.  I was given a $60 gift certificate to do this review. I hope to be able to celebrate my 1 year blog anniversary with a giveaway, maybe CSN will want to help me out with that? We’ll see.  Once the racks are hung, I’ll take some pictures and share them with all of you.

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