Keeping busy

The last few days I have been busy with a few things around here. One thing I have done is gone back to a previous theme I used for this blog because I like the layout better and it allows my header to be shown in full. I also like the tabs for the pages at the top. So I sure hope my readers are ok with the minor changes. I’ve also been busy with getting the boys to finish up the year by doing some school projects. Jake is going to write a small survival guide since he is very interested in survival skills and the like. Caleb is doing a study on Julius Caesar and his time of rule in the Roman Empire. I’ve done my fair share of baking and now I am coming up with an original recipe for a contest at using Italian sausage. I hope to win that $10,000 prize to go to Italy next year! Wouldn’t that be great? I think if my friends and family were the judges I would win, hands down, but that isn’t the case so I better come up with a few good recipes. Good thing I can enter a few times.

I am also making my kitchen curtains as I have finally picked out and bought the material. I hate that I have a hard time deciding these things. It’s taken a long time, say 8 years or more, to get this kitchen together but it’s almost there. I plan to finish the year off with lots of picture-taking and celebrating the end!  I am already pleased with what we have done so far.

I have some great news now. I received an email earlier this week asking if I would do a guest post for another blog, one that gets tons of traffic and has a large reader base. I was happy to say yes so I have spent some time writing the post and also picking my 10 favorite posts of the past year. I think I put in a few from last December when I first began writing this blog, but that’s fine. The guest post goes “live” on Monday to check back then for a link and more information.

Next week is my 1 year blog anniversary and I am rather excited about it. I could not have imagined all that I have accomplished in this last year way back then. I have won a writing contest, done a few reviews including a book which I adore, and made many new friends in the world of bloggers. It’s been an exciting year. I would really like to see an increase in my subscribers in the next year  so I am trying to find ways to make that happen. If anyone knows how to do that, leave me a comment. Heck, just leave a comment anyway letting me know you dropped by today. I really enjoy connecting with those who read my blog because I look at each person as a possible new friend. And I think we could all use a new friend now and then, right?

I guess I better wrap this up and get busy with my recipe writing and experimenting for the contest. Italy won’t know what hit her when I land on its doorstep!

4 thoughts on “Keeping busy

  1. Hey Michelle!!!!

    How exciting that you are nearly one year old!!!!! Eh, I mean, your blog :)
    So cool to see how it has developed and how it is going for you.
    I know that I still owe you a recipe for borsh. I am going to make it this weekend for twin friend’s brithday – I hope we’ll be able to take some pics. Than I can finally give you the recipe…
    Have a good week anticipating the special birthday!!


  2. Congratulations on your anniversary. Now that your kitchen is almost finished how about a review of your new range. How do you like the black top. Is it porcelai or just painted black. Do you have to worry about scratching it. I’m in the market for a new range and the black tops (and that seems to be all that you can get on a stainless range) scare me. It seems that they would be a pain to maintain. For the last 20 years I’ve had a stainless top that is a dream to keep clean and looking good and I want more of the same.

    • Well I am not sure about that, whether it being painted black or porcelain. It does show the smears and I use a special cleaner once a day to keep it looking better. So far I really like it. If I could have afforded it, I would have gone up to the next level but this one is serving it’s purpose well. I like the light in the oven and the window in the door so much. I am like a little kid.

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