Winter snow days

Goodness but we are in the midst of a big storm here in NE Ohio. We have had five days of warnings about this snow storm and so far most of it is happening.  I really can’t tell what the snowfall total is so far due to the blowing and drifting of snow. I do know that our county is under a level 2 emergency which means stay home unless you absolutely have to go out. Thank God we have no place to go today! Tomorrow and the next few days all have appointments or plans so I hope we can dig out enough to make some of them.

But the faithful UPS driver made it to my house today. He brought semi-frozen goodies! I got my sample from California Olive Ranch of their Limited Reserve extra virgin olive oil. It came with another bottle to send to one of my giveaway winners. I will be mailing out the prizes when the weather clears. Once this bottle of olive oil warms up, I think I am going to bake some focaccia bread and do some dipping. I’m also making an Italian style orzo salad for an event and will be using this in the dressing. I simply can’t wait! Can you hear my excitement? 

We are almost finished decorating the house and tree for Christmas. Just a few more snowflakes to cut out and hang, a few more light strands to go up and lots of cookies to be baked. I will be baking Lemon Ricotta Cookies for a cookie exchange next week. I can’t wait to get all kinds of other goodies in the exchange. I’ve never participated in one of these in the past so this is new to me.

I have one more piece of news but I can only share a teaser. I have a job interview on Thursday doing something I love to do. Say a prayer if you think about me that day. I hope to share more details at the end of the week. In the meantime, we’ll have some hot cocoa, tea or coffee and enjoy the fact we have no place to go and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

3 thoughts on “Winter snow days

  1. Ciao Michelle! We didn’t get snow here yet, we got a little light flurry, but the other day it sure felt like it was going to snow. What a great day to spend at home cooking & decorating while it’s snowing outside. I’ll pray that you get the job.

    Have a great week!

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