Eye candy and second chances

I found a great photoblog that I hope my readers will enjoy. It’s full of Italian eye candy. Take a visit to Napoli Unplugged Photoblog for some wonderful shots of Italy. I spent 15 minutes there this morning.

For a second chance at winning your own copy of Beyond the Pasta by Mark Leslie, hop on over to Bleeding Espresso and enter her giveaway for a signed copy of the book. 

To hear an interview with Mark about his book, go check out Eye on Italy’s podcast from yesterday. I haven’t even had a few minutes to sit and listen but I will later today.

Today is a day where I spend in the kitchen cleaning and baking focaccia bread. I’ll be using the olive oil I received from California Olive Ranch now that it is thawed. I can’t wait. Look for my full review tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Eye candy and second chances

  1. Michelle & Michelle,
    Thanks for the forward movement on chatting up the book. Foccacia sounds great. I am actually dying for some pizza bianca as I sit here in my Denver hotel room, editing video of me making “Biscottini Natale” in a toaster oven…and only 6 at a time. Mamma mia!!

    • Mark,
      I think pizza bianca is like focaccia bread. I’m going to have to research that idea. I can’t wait to see the video. I know I feel challenged in my small kitchen but I do have full sized appliances to use. Have a merry Christmas.

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