The Princess turns 4!

Four years ago this sweet-faced little girl came into my world. She gave me the badge of honor called “grandma”.

She forever changed my heart. With her big brown eyes, though more blue in this photo, and her pouty bottom lip she inherited from her mommy, she just wiggled her way into my heart. 

I think what I love best is that in her eyes, I can do no wrong. I am like a queen in her world where she is a princess.

 Every time I see her, she runs with her arms open wide and yells “grandma, grandma” and then gives me the biggest hug her arms can give out. She gives me kisses and hangs on my every word. She wants to do whatever I am doing when she comes to visit me. She loves to help me in the kitchen.

She makes me smile all the time.

She is a great big sister and cousin.

Izzy has her grandma AND pop-pop all tied up around her little fingers.

One of her favorite things to do is having tea parties at my house.

She’s growing so fast that I feel like I’m missing out on parts of her life. I am so glad for the times we have together.


But the truth is she is growing up. Who knows what she’ll be someday. She could end up a techie girl like her daddy.

Or a girl always ready for a party like her Aunt Laur-laur.

Or just like grandma, who never grew out of being a messy eater.

Or maybe a great cook like her mommy and I.

Whatever she becomes in life she will always know she was loved from the beginning by me and her whole family.

Happy birthday to my princess Elizabeth!

(Who likes to practice her drawing on the walls!)

7 thoughts on “The Princess turns 4!

  1. Michelle, this is great! So cute. What a great idea for your granddaughter’s birthday. Hopefully blogs will still be around and thriving when she’s old enough!


    • Well maybe I’ll print it out for her and keep it safe for the future. I just love looking at pictures of my family and was doing that so I had the idea to do a picture post of Izzy.

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