No time to write a proper entry

I’ve been so busy lately. Now that the family has all visited and gone home I’ll have some time to get back to blogging and new recipes. I already blew the goal of blogging daily but that was due to having visitors in my home. My grandchildren took up all my time over the past few days. Thanks for a great 2010 and for sticking with me as we enter 2011. Here is a cute picture of me and 3 of my grandchildren. One didn’t want to get in the picture and Za wasn’t here yet.

And here is my eldest daughter and Izzy after I took them to the salon to get their haircut. They are both so cute!

And here I am with Izzy at our tea party. Her and Asher asked for a tea party the whole time they were here. I think they like our tea parties. This time it was also our lunch. So much fun!

Ok more to come. I just read that the dish for International Italian Cuisine Day is Pesto allo Genovese so I need to get researching the recipe and shop for ingredients! It’s coming up fast on January 17th! I can’t wait!

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