Thinking of summer

Photo credit: Randy Plett

I know that sounds crazy but last night I was driving home and one of my favorite songs about summer came on the radio. It got me out of the funky mood I was in because it was 18 degrees and there were piles of snow all around me. I started thinking about my upcoming trip to SC to visit my husband’s family and that I’d like for it to warm up there so we can have a nice time. On the other hand, the only time we’ve been there in the past the weather was a stiffling 97 degrees or higher so the 60’s will be just fine.

Then I started realizing that by next summer all of my grandbabies will be walking and talking and climbing. My yard is not outfitted for their activity level and I’m thinking of investing in a swing set of some type. I know of a few places online where I can begin my search, CSN stores being one of them. I loved the great customer service I had with them in the past and some of their products at their different online stores have free shipping. Can’t beat that. So with tax refund season coming around, I think I’m going to be doing some online shopping for something to keep the kids active outside when we can’t be inside cooking! 

Oh it’s good to think of summertime and warmer weather when it’s snowing once again in cold Ohio.

4 thoughts on “Thinking of summer

  1. So what’s the favorite summer song? I have a few, “Boys of Summer” Don Henly, “Summertime” Will Smith, for some reason a few Aerosmith songs…
    Ahhh… i like spring, not too hot, the new smells in the air, finding a favorite swimming hole and watching the kids… oh no, it’s going to be a long winter!!!

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