Frustations of an Italian cook

Today is International Day of Italian Cuisines and the featured dish is Pesto alla Genovese. I was very excited to make my own homemade pesto for the first time. Saturday when I was shopping I decided against buying the fresh basil choosing instead to buy it fresh today. Wouldn’t you know it but the two local stores I shop at regularly did not have any basil worth buying! I was and still am so frustrated. I should have bought the fresh basil plant I found on Saturday but I was afraid I’d kill it before today.

 I could just make pasta and add jarred pesto like we’ve always done but it’s not the same thing, especially not today. I have become somewhat of a purist when it comes to Italian foods and I don’t like to use too many pre-made items.

 Oh, I still use dried pasta from a box but so do many Italians in Italy. We all know how labor intensive fresh pasta would be if one were to make it a few times a week and not many want to do that!

So what’s a girl to do? I am choosing to wait until I have the real ingredients before I make the dish. I am ok with that. Tonight I will eat leftovers from the pasta al tonno I made last night. It was so good so I know I’ll enjoy it tonight as well. I wish I could say a lesson was learned but there really wasn’t one. It’s always best to use the freshest ingredients when possible. Tomorrow I will shop early in the day and find what I need. Even if I have to run to 5 stores!

4 thoughts on “Frustations of an Italian cook

  1. I would do the same. If you are making an authentic meal, use the freshest ingredients possible!!!
    Savikng money eating those leftovers too. :)

  2. I’ve had great success with making a large quantity of pesto with my summer bounty of basil and freezing it in 1/2 cup portions in plastic freezer bags. It only takes a few extra minutes and is well worth it when I pull it out in the middle of winter! It tastes like summer!!

    • Aunt Chuckie, maybe you can help me learn how to grow basil and not kill it each time I buy a new plant! I think I over water it or don’t prune it enough. I need to learn this stuff and soon!

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