Winter vactions, I highly recommend them.

We have just returned from a weeklong vacation to Bluffton, South Carolina. The typical temps this time of year for the area are in the 60’s but wouldn’t ya know it, they hovered in the low 50’s most of the time. We had some sunshine and did get in some great walks. We were able to get our own private tour of the Pinckney Island Game Preserve just off of Hilton Head Island. It was a beautiful day for seeing the wildlife, indigenous trees and plant life of the area. We also observed about 10 different alligators sunning themselves along the banks of a pond. My older son took a whole lot of pictures because he wants to do some sketches from his photos. I think he did a great job with our cheapie point and click camera. Here are a few of trees and other sights.

Now for the alligator! This guy was about 11 feet long. They all are pretty large and there are over 100 living on the island.

Last but not least, a family picture….oh yeah, my father-in-law snuck in the shot!

We took a trip to the beach at Hilton Head and it was cold. I had to wear several layers and gloves! Of course my youngest insisted on wearing shorts! His legs were red. Crazy kid!!! We found six sand dollars and a horseshoe crab shell.

Since we were staying at my in-laws and I had use of a full kitchen, I baked a few batches of biscotti for us to enjoy. Last night I fixed pasta and peas with some chicken for them to enjoy my cooking. I guess they liked it since they all went back for seconds. Most of us had a big late lunch so me, Phil and the boys were anything but hungry and we didn’t eat any. I don’t think we ever felt hungry for the whole week unless it was the first thing in the morning, we ate so well all week. And almost all our meals were eaten at home instead of out at a restaurant.

Phil and I did have a date night as we were given a gift certificate to a very nice restaurant in the area. Phil ordered the rotisserie cooked Prime Rib and I had stuffed Flounder. It was a great meal. We celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary a bit early but it was so much fun. Before dinner we had some coffee in a Starbucks that was inside a Kroger grocery store. While drinking our coffee we witnessed a man try to shoplift a case of beer and a few packages of steaks. The security guard chased him down and recovered the items. I guess the thief got away. That was exciting for us! haha…

So I’m home, all unpacked and ready to get back to some good old Italian cooking. I bought a few books while away. One is all about pasta, one is the Fannie Farmer cookbook and the other was given to me, a yearbook from Cooks Illustrated from 2008. I have a lot of great recipes to begin trying. Right after I do some food shopping that is.

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  2. Small world! My late neighbors daughter, Peggy Beck, and her husband have lived in Bluffton for about 5 years. They love it.

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