Dinner repeats…they do happen now and again.

I think I mentioned before that whenever I make up a new recipe, I don’t write it down even though my husband tells me to do just that. Thankfully I did blog about one such recipe last year. Today we all had a real craving for bacon and I needed my pasta fix since I never did eat any of the pasta and peas I made when I was on vacation. I remembered I made a great dish that we all liked, for the most part, and so I came on here to my very own blog to search out my recipe. Pretty smart, huh?

I decided to make my Pasta with Chicken and Bacon, which is an original recipe. I made a few changes this time around. I used green onions since my youngest son has now decided those are acceptable to eat. Also I didn’t have any thawed chicken broth so I used a cup of the pasta water to moisten up the dish. And after I browned the chicken cubes in the bacon grease, I added all the juices from the pan. I kept all those great flavors in the dish and we just devoured half of a 9 X 13 baking pan of this recipe. I also made some focaccia bread today but I think I used the wrong measurement of fresh yeast and it was rather dense, edible but dense. Oh well, I can’t win them all.

That’s the thing about me-I don’t give up easily and I don’t let failures or mistakes get me down. I get the flour and yeast out again and keep on trying to bake bread. All the poor basil plants that come to live and die in my house should get some kind of recognition. Learning from my mistakes or failures is the best lesson of all. I am so glad my husband keeps reminding me to write down or blog about my recipes because now I have a whole bunch of options when it comes to dinners. And if I would just keep a pad and paper on my nightstand, I might actually write down all those great blog topics I come up with while I try to fall asleep.

5 thoughts on “Dinner repeats…they do happen now and again.

  1. Well? Anything on your note pad?

    Even though he ate every bite on his plate your son said he didn’t like the pasta, onions, cheese and chicken…I think you could’ve served him a plate of bacon and he’d be happy! Oh well, I loved it. Good job babe!

  2. “That’s the thing about me-I don’t give up easily and I don’t let failures or mistakes get me down. ” Yes, we must not allow failure or mistakes get us down. Thank for you comment on my blog.

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