Happy birthday Asher-boy!!!

My first grandson is three today! His momma called me and asked if I was doing a post dedicated to him and you know what? I completely forgot! I felt like a bad grandma but it’s still his birthday and I’m posting a second post in one day to honor this special little guy. Warning, this is picture heavy.

He was born in the middle of the night and I missed being there by just a few hours.

From the beginning, he loved the Steelers. I knew then he had my heart!

How could I not love this cutie pie?

Even if he grew to love his binky best of all.

He doesn’t even mind if we dress him up.

But don’t try to take his cake or he might give you a funny look.

He is definitely a daddy’s boy.

And he gets tired out from time to time.

Sometimes he gets loved on extra hard by big sister Izzy. And he doesn’t really mind.

I guess she taught him everything he knows.

He loves chocolate like all of his family.

He has the sweetest face with his red curls. He has the cutest little boy voice and daily tells his momma that he’ll miss her since he has to go to grandma’s house. He makes me feel loved.

Happy birthday Asher boy, who also happens to be a dragon!

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