I taught my first class

Back in December I interviewed for a job to teach cooking classes. I was immediately hired but it took awhile to get my classes on the schedule at the coffee shop/cafe’ where I will be teaching. Wednesday was the first class. I will admit to being a bit nervous going into it but who wouldn’t be? My first group of students were children who are homeschooled, like my own kids, and the age range is going to vary by about 6 years.

I’m here to tell you it all went great. My oldest son is my assistant and I think having a familiar face there helped set me at ease. We had to do a bit of prep work once we arrived. Because my home is not a licensed kitchen, I had to bake cupcakes at the kitchen and then set up for each part of the class. We had 4 snacks to make and I figured the best way to be organized was to separate all my ingredients. I put the utensils, the bowls, and the food all on a tray that went with each snack. It made transitioning very easy from one snack to the next.

I think the kids all had fun and enjoyed their snacks. I can say they were all well behaved and paid attention to what we were doing. They seemed excited to decorate their own cupcakes more. I have another class on the calendar for next week for kids then in March there are 2 classes for senior citizens. I really want to get a class together for teens and teach them how to make an entire meal for their family. It will probably be Italian food, what else is there?

6 thoughts on “I taught my first class

  1. What a wonderful idea and I’m glad it is going well.
    I particularly like the idea of the class for teens. I really think so many of them leave home without any practical skills.

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