Grandma’s Little Helper for Pierogis

Yesterday I had my daughter and grandson over for dinner and visiting time. Za (pronounced with a long a sound) was so glad to be here because he missed us all so much. We all missed him and his momma and were glad for a visit. I figured I would take the time to show Lauren how to make pierogis since she really likes them.

We also wanted to try another filling so I made up some sausage/mushroom/cheese filling for tonight’s dinner. They were out of this world fantastic. I wanted to not only share the filling recipe but a few pictures and a video as well.

Here is my little Za helping me measure the flour for the dough.

He really enjoyed the flour as you can see here in the video.

Then after the dough was done and he was getting a bit antsy, I gave him his own little bit of flour to play with. He picked up his cars and did what is natural to boys-made tracks in the flour.

And since he is all boy, he decided to “decorate” himself with the flour.

He has such kissable cheeks. We had a lot of fun last night. My other 4 grandchildren are coming for a visit this week so I am going to be baking something with the older two and having at least one tea party. Plus I have a teach a cooking class coming up on Friday. Busy times. I leave you with the filling recipe for “Italian” pierogis.

Sausage and Mushroom Pierogi Filling

1 pound bulk sweet Italian sausage, cooked and crumbled

8 ounces chopped baby Bello mushrooms (the little Portobello variety or any you like)

1/2 cup grated fresh Parmesan cheese

1 egg


Cook mushrooms until soft in butter with a little salt to draw out the water. Drain and cool. Cook and cool sausage. Mix sausage, mushrooms, cheese and 1 egg, beaten together and then pulse in a food processor until it’s fine and sticks together nicely. Fill 4 inch pierogi rounds with a small scoop, about 2 tsp. of filling. Brush disk with an egg wash, fold in half and seal. Drop in boiling water and when they float cook for 2-3 min..Remove to a floured tea towel or into a hot pan with melted butter and carmelizing onions.

Buon Appetito!

5 thoughts on “Grandma’s Little Helper for Pierogis

  1. kissable cheeks indeed. :)

    and, hey, I was wondering. Is there any sort of authentic chicken spaghetti dish? My family loves the one with canned cream of mushroom soup and Velveeta… but I gotta admit it is not much to be proud of cooking. Got a better alternative for us?

    *man, I am getting so demanding. Hope you recognize it as a show of respect.*

  2. I guess my next question needs to be how much work are you willing to go through for this? I have found some alternative ideas and will be formulating a recipe.

  3. well. That *is* a good question. I like to cook from scratch but not from nothing. I do not make my own cheese or even pasta but I like to make my own sauces… does that put you in the ballpark? I appreciate your looking into this. I am wondering now what all chicken/pasta recipes *are* Italian… things like chicken parmesan? hmmm…

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